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A doctor’s note provides us with permission, and in this day and age of increased regulation, that go-ahead can be a big deal. For instance, a doctor’s excuse may be necessary to get a paid day off from work, or if our child is over the absentee limit, a note may be necessary to avoid penalty and get their sick day excused. In addition, we might require consent in order to get extra bathroom breaks or the spare time needed to take frequent medication.

The problem with requiring such notes is that even a minor medical visit can be extremely costly. If a person has the 24-hour flu, they need the day off to recuperate, but they generally don’t need to see a doctor. If the doctors note is a requirement for the paid sick day, well in that case it cuts into their earnings, perhaps even substantially. And if the cost of the visit is high enough, it may offset the sick day entirely. They might as well just save it and cash in later.

So one of the primary reasons that people print out doctors notes is so that they can avoid this hassle and this expense. Relative to a doctors visit, a replica costs pennies on the dollar. You simply download it, configure it with your specifics and personal details and then print it out. Now, you hand that printed form into your boss or the human resources department, and then you can cash in on that sick day the way it was intended to be used.

Of course, most first-time users are concerned about the legality of using a doctor excuse, and no one wants to break the law just to get a paid sick day or an excused day off from school. However, employers often ask for such a note when they’re not actually in the legal right to do so. The problem here is that if you object on legal grounds, then you open up the proverbial can of worms. Many people prefer the path of least resistance.

In addition, not all reasons for downloading and printing out a doctor’s note are so serious. In fact, these excuses serve quite well as props. For example, you might use them in a school play or even a student film. They also work quite well as an office prank or gag. And some bosses even use them as rewards. For instance, if there are extra sick days in the budget, they can hand these notes out to deserving employees for a “free” day off.

The Reasons Why People Download And Print Out Doctors Notes From The Web