Why are Fake Doctors Notes Popular?

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Fake Doctors Note?

Dr. Note?

The Internet has changed our world in so many obvious ways, but it has provided minor changes that many people may have not even noticed. One such change is the ability to download doctor notes, which can then be customized, and printed.

For a while, these downloadable excuses were a well-kept secret. However, recently the cat has gotten out of the bag, and more people are turning to doctor notes everyday for both business and pleasure.

What is a Printable Doctors Note?

A printable doctors note or doctor’s excuse are replicas of the real thing that one would get during a doctor’s visit. They come in a vast array of styles, and many even come with the message already scribbled on the page.

However, most clients opt for a blank slate, so that they can customize the message to their particular needs. Simply put, downloadable doctors notes look just like the real thing, and there’s no way to discern them as fakes via visual evidence.

Why are People Using Doctors Notes?

Innocuously, customizable doctors notes are great way to facilitate a prank or an office gag, but these notes also serve a wide range of real-life purposes as well. When a student needs a doctor’s excuse for school or an employee needs a doctor’s excuse to hand in at work, these replicas are often just as good as the real thing.

With the ability to customize them down to the finest detail of your personal circumstances, there’s no visual way to discern the printed note from one available via the doctor.

Why are Doctors notes So Popular?

As Dylan crooned, “the times they are a-changin”. We live in a world of increased regulation, and the system demands authorization for some of the simplest things.

In many cases, there are no implications for using a doctors note that one has downloaded, customized, and printed out. The reason for this is that the asker often does not have a legal right to ask. This is the case in many instances when a school asks for a doctors note.

Getting doctors notes is not just time consuming, it’s expensive, and in many cases, such as sick days, it offsets financially what it is we are trying to accomplish. There are two core reasons why so many people are turning to doctor notes as a solution: time and money.The Implications of Using a Doctors Note.

However, consider the situation where someone achieves benefits from the government using a false note. In this instance, the use of the note was illegal, and thus there are grave implications. The most important tool one can leverage is common sense, and one should not use a note unless they are certain that it is legal to do so.

Fake Doctors Notes

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