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A printable doctor’s excuse is an excellent opportunity to save time and money, or perhaps a chance to have a little fun with coworkers and mates. Whatever your goal, you’re certain to have questions, and anyone who has used a fake doctor's note has had those same questions. In order to help, we’ve compiled some of the most common.

1. Is using a replica doctors excuse legal?

There is no simple answer to this question, and we do not intend to give legal advice. However, generally, a replica note is legal to use. In other words, simply using the note is not illegal in and of itself. And just because an organization has a legal right to ask for a note does not mean it’s illegal to give them a facsimile instead. However you're going to have to do your own homework here and find out if it's legal based on how you intend to use the note.

2. Can my employer or school legally demand a doctors note?

This is a gray area of the law in most states. Strictly speaking, yes, they have the right to ask for a doctor’s note, but what is not always clear is how much power that right affords them. In many cases, their right extends simply to the point of requesting it, and they usually don’t have the right to act on the refusal or pursue action.

3. Can my employer or school contact my doctor?

No. And yes. Schools and employers cannot simply contact your doctor without your permission. But there are ways to work around these limitations. For instance, there are situations where they can communicate with the doctor via fax or email simply to confirm that the doctor created the note and that you were at the office at said time.

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4. Are fake doctors notes authentic?

Modern replica notes are incredibly authentic because the creators base them on the real thing. In other words, the template you use is no different from the template used by the printing company printing notes for your doctor. The other important factor is print quality, and today we have access to sophisticated machines in our homes.

5. How do I create an authentic doctor excuse?

In order to create an authentic-looking excuse, the first step is consideration. Know exactly what type of note you’ll need and the type of details it will have to hold. Then, choose a template from one of the high-quality services online. Take your time personalizing, and then print it out. Consider swapping the toner cartridge if it’s low or old.

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